Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

To create a healthy environment by enabling our clients to meet their water purification needs through our high-end technology solutions.
Why does Water Matter?

For over many centuries since the dawn of industrialization, Water has been the irreplaceable element that drives the sustenance and growth of several industries. But Water is seldom available with the desired physical attributes for the intended industrial application which increases the cost of Businesses and drives down the Bottom line.

With this understanding, we started building our expertise on waste water treatment and water purification technologies with the vision of becoming the leader in the Water based industrial solutions space. In the course of this voyage, we have built expertise on areas spanning demineralization, water softening, reverse osmosis, UV based water purification, Electro-deionization and automatic electric filtration.

At Aqua Purification Systems, we take care of all your water based needs end-to-end right from identifying your needs and determining which technology can aptly satisfy your needs to installing and servicing our water treatment and purification systems by coming to your doorstep.

More than our technical proficiency, it is our culture of customer intimacy and the strong ‘Dealer Network’ of more than 500 dealers that steers our success in the industry.