AQUOION Fully Automatic Deionizers

ADCA Series Automatic Laboratory & Industrial Demineraliser / Deionizer


Aquoion dual bed deionisation system to match your water requirements, using simple, time proven cation and anion ion exchange resin technology, these compact systems can produce high quality water with the lowest water usage for lower TDS waters and/or where treated water demand is highly variable.

Economical and efficient, Aquoion Dual Bed Deionisation Systems can be equipped for semi-automatic or full-automatic operation. Regardless of the configuration, only limited technical expertise is required for operation. Aquoion Dual Bed Deionisation Systems will integrate into a complete water treatment system without expensive custom field engineering and programming.

  • Enables a simpler system (no concentrate-re circulation)
  • Produces ultra pure water (up to 18 meg-ohms/cm)
  • Eliminates regeneration chemicals & High recovery of up to 99%
  • Capacity ranging from 1/4 gpm to 35 gpm (50 l/hr to 8 m3/hr)
  • Continuous production of consistent water quality
  • No manual regeneration is required
  • Less foot print & Cost effective
  • It incorporates indicator lights to show each & every operational status
  • Shut-off valves for acid and caustic flow control and to prevent accidental flow of water into regeneration tanks.
  • Unit shuts off automatically in case of power failure.
  • Monitor the quality of treated water at the set value before deioniser returns to service.
  • All electronics and programmable timers are housed in a separate control box.
  • Constant final water quality monitoring assures conformance with application requirements.
  • System is automatically pre-rinsed prior to regeneration to ensure that no false regeneration is initiated.
  • Regeneration – Cation & Anion simultaneously, and is completely automatic. Chemicals are drawn directly from regeneration tanks.
Treatment Flow-rate
05 ~ 5010 ~7020 ~ 10030 ~ 20060 ~ 30080 ~ 500
Working Pressure
0.5 ~ 2.51.0 ~ 2.51.0 ~ 2.51.5 ~ 2.52.0 ~ 2.52.0 ~ 3.0
PH Value 6.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.5
Treated water Quality
(E.C us/cm)