AQUOION Mixed BED Deionizers

MB Series Demineraliser / Deionizer

Mixed-bed deionizers have one vessel containing separately charged cation & anion resin in mixed form. AQUOION MB produces water of high quality conforming to IP specification for pure water. Ultrapure water is produced on demand at negligible cost. The mixed bed system produces higher quality water, but with a lower total capacity than that of two bed systems. Hence, the mixed bed deionizer is generally used after two bed deionizer as a polishing unit to obtain treated water of high purity, as well as more output capacity with neutral * pH.

AQUOION Industrial series deionizers can be designed in flow rate ranging  between 1000 and 25000 liters/hr, Regeneration of the system is initiated by conductivity, time, and/or totalised flow. The deionizers can be supplied in combination with a full range of options and related equipment to provide a fully integrated water purification system.


  • The column charged with a mixture of high exchange capacity Cation & Anion resin.
  • Analog I Digital conductivity meter with alarm to monitor the quality of treated water
  • A set of Poly Propylene diaphragm I ball valves for easy operation & regeneration.

Note: Water with TDS > 100 ppm has to be treated with two bed demineraliser before passing through mixed bed demineraliser

MB 70
MB 100
MB 200
MB 500
Treatment Flow-rate
05 | 7010 | 10020 | 20030 | 300
Working Pressure
0.5 | 2.50.5 | 2.51.0 | 2.51.0 | 3.0
PH Value 6.5 - 9.56.5 - 9.56.5 - 9.56.5 - 9.5
Treated water Quality
(E.C us/cm)