About Us

we are one of the reputed manufactures of water treatment systems & solution provider for various Institutions & Industries across India. We have nearly three decades of industrial experience in delivering water and waste water treament systems & solutions to various educational institutions, industries such as pharmaceutical, power and energy, healthcare, food & beverage, agriculture and manufacturing sectors in india & outside. We design & deliver highly efficient, cost-effective water treatment systems & services in the brand name of AQUOION 

Our mission is to create a healthy environment by enabling our clients to meet their water purification needs through our high-end technology solutions. We have nearly 25 years of experience in delivering water purification solutions to several institutions & industrial segments, such as research institutes,  healthcare and manufacturing units. Through three major technologies such as ion exchange, reverse osmosis and filtration, we have been providing high-end solutions that enable our customers to get access to pure water, increase production quality and reduce their operating cost.

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